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Alison Price On Air Adds A Brasserie In The Sky

 - May 21, 2013, 6:00 AM
Service aboard the aircraft is a speciality of Alison Price On Air.

Daniel Hulme is vice chairman of the European Corporate Flight Attendant’s Committee (ECFAC) and helping to moderate the Cabin Crew Symposium here at EBACE (see box), but he is also here this year as managing director of London-based caterer Alison Price On Air where some big changes are being made.

Alison Price has long taken pride in providing a varied menu to appeal to a wide variety of ethnic preferences, including Arabic, Chinese, Indian and Japanese. In a recent move to continue this approach, the company is now in talks with top Russian restaurants in London to offer branded Russian fare. This follows similar joint ventures with Michelin-starred Indian restaurant Tamarind, Arabic ethnic cuisine specialist Arabica and leading sushi provider Sumosan. Alison Price is also speaking with a number of Nigerian restaurants in response to a growing charter business to that part of the African continent.

In addition, the caterer recently created “a completely fresh and new brasserie-style menu to accompany the existing á là carte offerings.”

According to Hulme, the brasserie menu was designed in response to flight attendant feedback that emphasized simplicity when serving quality meals on executive flights with a manifest of up to 50 passengers. “The new selections are designed to be simple and convenient to pack and easy to serve, while retaining Alison Price On Air’s high levels of produce and service,” he said.

Among items featured on the brasserie menu are Italian osso buco, scallop-and-crab macaroni, beef blade Rendang and Alison Price’s own classic three-chocolate mille-feuille pastry.

The brasserie menu allows later ordering times the day before a flight, up to 9 p.m. The decision moves the company closer to an overall 24/7 service.

Such specialty meals are not prepared in Alison Price kitchens, but the menu items are adapted at each restaurant, under the direction of Alison Price chefs, to meet the special demands of business aviation catering for packaging, safety and quality assurance. “We’re already catering to specific tastes with great success through these partnerships,” said Hulme.