Cessna Announces Citation Anti-corrosion Treatment

 - May 22, 2013, 12:14 PM

Cessna Aircraft introduced a treatment to protect Citation jets based in Europe from the corrosive effects of potassium formate, the environmentally friendly but aluminum-hostile runway de-icer increasingly used across the region. The treatment is available under an enhancement to Cessna’s ProTech factory maintenance program, called ProTech+. The anti-corrosion procedure entails a thorough airframe inspection and application of Corban 23, a super-penetrating fluid that creates a protective barrier on the airframe. ProTech+ is available at Cessna’s factory-owned service centers in Europe.



we are operating a CJ2+ since 6 years in Europe.
During the actual DOC Insp. 10 there has been found Corossion over Ccorrosion anywhere.

We are very astonished cause our C525 before (with the same operating-profile) had no corrsion
after 6 years.

Is there some one with similiar experience?

We are having the same issue please contact me to discuss a similar issue we are experiencing.

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