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Flight Display’s Jet Jukebox Is An Inflight Toolbox

 - May 22, 2013, 10:00 AM
The upgraded Jet Jukebox, with 500 GB of storage, is introduced to European customers here at EBACE.

In 1890, Louis Glass and William Arnold invented the nickel-in-the-slot phonograph, or as those who grew up in the 1960s might remember it, the jukebox. Cabin electronics supplier Flight Display Systems (Booth 1925) has reintroduced that icon of music history by the same name–the Jet Jukebox–but with a lot of new bells and whistles, not to mention a monster server with 500 gigabytes of storage.

At EBACE, Flight Display is introducing to a European audience the Jet Jukebox in its modern form as a wireless media streamer for the aircraft cabin. The system doubles as both an IFE movie/music streamer and a wireless file server capable of sharing Powerpoint presentations, photos, spreadsheets, Word documents and more. It can hold up to 100 DVD-quality movies, allows streaming of up to eight movies simultaneously and accommodates iOS or Android devices. The Jukebox measures 6.3-in x 1.95-in by 9.75 in and weighs just three pounds.

The Jet Jukebox is priced at $12,000 and includes the company’s worldwide moving-map database with satellite-generated imagery used to replicate the earth’s surface.

When the Jet Jukebox was first introduced, said sales manager Jay Healey, Flight Display expected the video entertainment to be the most popular feature, “but we’ve discovered that by far the feature they use the most is the Powerpoint streaming capability. They see it as a tool, not a toy.” In fact, he added, one major OEM is considering storing its maintenance manuals in the Jet Jukebox for easy access.

Also high on the list of products at EBACE, Flight Display will be showing its new ground-based solution for syncing, charging and securing iPads. The unit will charge and sync up to 10 iPads simultaneously, will sync the iTunes account of all iPads and keep the iPads locked in slots for secure storage. For additional security, the unit itself will lock to the floor to prevent theft. It allows iPads to be synced and kept updated and ready to be taken by the crew or passengers for use during a flight.

Other products on display or being promoted include Flight Display’s dual USB personal device charger, wireless cabin router, high-definition Blu-ray player and custom cabin management system.

For a company that was launched in CEO David Gray’s garage 10 years ago, Flight Display Systems has come a long way. With revenues currently growing in the 50-percent range, the company recently moved into new 50,000-sq-ft facilities in Alpharetta, Georgia, just three miles from the old garage, but a world away in terms of technology.