EBACE Convention News

Happy Design hypes Learjet 75 demonstrator paint scheme

 - May 22, 2013, 8:00 AM
Happy Design's paint scheme graces the lines of Learjet's new Model 75 demonstrator on display here at EBACE. (Photo: Mark Wagner)

Bombardier Business Aircraft chose Strasbourg, France-based Happy Design (Booth 7011) to render the paint scheme on its Learjet 75 demonstrator here at the EBACE static park. Happy Design’s Didier Wolff has also been commissioned to create designs for the entire Bombardier line of demonstrators, including Learjet, Challenger and Global models.

Wolff noted that designing schemes for business jets is different than for much larger airliners. He collaborated with Bombardier’s design and marketing teams to come up with themes that would simultaneously create a single brand across the Bombardier product line, but also differentiate each of the three separate segments. “We rose to the challenge,” Wolff said, “and what you can see on the static display at EBACE is just the introduction as we worked to create a scheme that would work across the different size of business jets in the Bombardier business aircraft family.”