Embraer Executive Jets Ponders VIP E195 Shuttle

 - May 28, 2013, 3:35 PM

Embraer Executive Jets has a 32- to 36-seat VIP shuttle concept of the Embraer E195 on its drawing board. The E195 Shuttle is essentially a stock airliner with an interior that has “a high-end business aircraft touch and feel,” said Embraer Executive Jets vice president of interior design Jay Beever. “It would work equally well as an all-first-class airliner, an executive jet charter aircraft for large groups, such as sports teams, or a company shuttle.”

The Shuttle retains the white plastic overhead bins found on E195s in airline service, but it has the wider articulating VIP seats found in the Lineage 1000 along with higher-end carpeting and half-wall-high wood paneling, including pullout tray tables.

A 1+1 configuration has overhead bins on each side and “every seat is both an aisle and window seat,” noted Beever. In the 2+0 option, the overhead bins are only on the side where there are seats so that the aisle is unobstructed. Club-two seating is possible in the 1+1 configuration, while the 2+0 layout would allow for club-four seating.


It's interesting that they mention a private charter plane especially for sports teams. It's probably a facility that's more accommodating for American teams who have to play inter-state but probably less need for international footballers. I've noticed other private charter plane companies offer similar http://www.aircharterserviceusa.com/group_charter/sports-air-charter.htm but I think more try to offer to the supporters rather than the team members and staff.

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