Dassault Expanding Little Rock Completion Facilities

 - May 30, 2013, 3:45 PM
Expansion at Dassault Falcon Jet’s Little Rock Completion Center will add 250,000 sq ft of additional space and set the table for completion work on the Falcon SMS project.

Dassault Falcon Jet announced yesterday that it will increase the size of its completion center in Little Rock, Ark., “to accommodate future Falcons,” the first of which will likely be the Falcon SMS now in development. Dassault Falcon Jet has said it delivered 66 business jets last year and “expects that number to increase in the coming years.” The company plans to invest $60 million in new construction and refurbishment of existing facilities. The new construction will include 250,000 sq ft dedicated to production and completion facilities and a 14-bay hangar. As part of the refurbishment, the existing cabinetry, upholstery and headliner shops will see an upgrade. The entire expansion will bring the total Dassault footprint in Little Rock to 1.25 million square feet, “with advanced tools and processes that shorten completion time and increase quality and accuracy.” In response to an earlier media story suggesting that Dassault Falcon might be interested in the former Hawker Beechcraft facilities at the airport, a spokesman said the expansion announced yesterday “should make it clear that we are committed to that plan and will not be exploring acquisition of the old Hawker facilities.”