AAR’s Distribution Network To Sell Composite Panels

 - June 5, 2013, 11:55 AM

AAR has added composite flat-panel products to the list of products for which its distribution and supply chain operation will handle order management, distribution and customer support. According to the company, the change will mean better responsiveness, 24/7 support, increased product availability, faster turnaround times, and global inventory and stocking availability.

AAR’s composite flat-panel line consists of prefab interior panels and the pins and adhesives for those panels, manufactured by AAR’s Aerostructures and Interiors division.

“As the market for aerospace composites grows, instead of expanding customer support within the manufacturing division, we turned to AAR’s extensive existing sales and distribution network to handle this function,” said Vincent Misciagna, vice president and general manager of AAR Composites. “That way, customers can benefit from an extensive infrastructure already in place. They will now have a broader organization to lean on.”

A company spokesman added, “This enhanced service will come at competitive market pricing, thus providing better value to AAR’s customers. The move also makes AAR more competitive in international markets for composite materials, such as Europe and Asia, by expanding its presence there.”