Rockwell Collins Offers HeliSure for Rotary-wing Sector

 - June 19, 2013, 1:40 PM

With the Paris Air Show as a backdrop, Rockwell Collins launched HeliSure, a line of situational awareness products for helicopters operating in increasingly congested and hazard-filled airspace. HeliSure delivers sensor data in real time through an intuitive user interface that features 3-D visualization.

The first two products of the HeliSure line are the helicopter synthetic vision system (H-SVS) and helicopter terrain awareness and warning system (H-Taws), which have been selected by AgustaWestland for the AW149, AW189, AW101 and AW169.

Dan Toy, principal marketing manager for Rockwell Collins’s airborne marketing group, told AIN, “Initially our HeliSure technologies will be available only on new helicopters as part of the aircraft’s original avionics equipment, and as such pricing for the systems is not available today. As OEM equipment, HeliSure will be certified by the aircraft’s manufacturer under the aircraft’s type certificate or a supplemental type certificate [their choice] by either the EASA or the FAA depending on which is the certifying agency. We expect that ultimately the OEMs will obtain certification from both certification agencies, as well as others worldwide when needed.”

Many of the HeliSure applications are based on previously certified products such as the Rockwell Collins helicopter synthetic vision system.