1,500-hour Rule Final, Stall Training Rule Coming Soon

 - July 11, 2013, 3:28 PM

The FAA has issued a final rule that raises minimum flight hours required by first officers for U.S. air carriers flying under Part 121 regulations to 1,500, from the current 250.

The new rules stem from a Congressional mandate following the 2009 crash of Colgan Air Flight 3407. However, both pilots in that crash had logged more time than the new minimum; the captain had flown 3,379 hours and the first officer 2,244 hours at the time of the accident.

The rule will also require first officers to hold an ATP certificate and a type rating in the aircraft being flown. Yesterday, the architects of the Congressional mandate, Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) and congressman Brian Higgins (D-N.Y.), wrote a letter to the FAA asking that a new mandate for additional stall and stall recovery training be implemented immediately and applied to non-U.S. pilots through bilateral agreements. Referring to the Asiana 214 Boeing 777 crash on July 6, Schumer and Higgins wrote: “While the investigation is still ongoing, one thing is clear–this crash and the other recent crashes like Flight 3407 demonstrate a troubling pattern in which pilots are mishandling airspeed, which can lead to fatal stalls.”


All pilots know the most dangerous location on earth-between Schumer and a TV camera. Once again he issues press releases on subjects he personally knows nothing about.

Regarding the stall recovery training -- About damn time! It's an absolute and criminal disgrace that it wasn't put in place when FAA was first founded! As for the 1500 hour rule -- This won't make a difference, it will just make it harder for pilots to find work.

I only have one thing to say, airspeed in energy to do what ever you like, without sufficient airspeed, you're done, as simple as that. I truly hope most of us pilot would give this the importance that it does have and never assume that a few knots under would be ok.

Schumer and Higgins. Two people that have no clue what they are rambling about. That is what is wrong with all areas of government. You have all these "Experts" that know nothing about the subject they are talking about. But hey, maybe they stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and have the answers now.

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