Summer Vacation Peak Boosts Some Air Charter Sectors

 - August 6, 2013, 3:13 PM

August, the final month of the peak northern-hemisphere summer vacation season, seems set to bring some encouragement to the private charter market, although with considerable variations in the outlook for the next 30 days on either side of the Atlantic Ocean and among different sizes of aircraft.

According to the forward-looking demand index produced by online charter portal Avinode on August 5, European demand for light jets is set to spike by more than 60 points. The increase for midsize aircraft is predicted to be just 8 points, while heavy jets are set to dip by almost the same degree. In the North American market, the forecast sees demand rising over the same period, but only in the light jet category. With the exception of heavy jets in North America, all aircraft types logged showed significant increases in projected demand compared with 12 months earlier on Aug. 5, 2012.

By comparison, the anticipated fluctuations in pricing levels for the next 30 days are far more moderate in both European and North American markets, with barely a few points change in any of the aircraft categories. Average flight hour rates paid for three aircraft tracked by Avinode over the past three months also showed only marginal variations.