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FlyMex Gets Wyvern Wingman Status

 - August 14, 2013, 10:00 AM
Mexico-based FlyMex recently joined the ranks of Wyvern-Wingman approved charter operators. Its fleet of six fixed-wing aircraft and one helicopter includes a Hawker 800 (left) and Bombardier Learjet 60.

FlyMex of Mexico has successfully completed a Wyvern standard audit to earn the Wingman status, which the Trenton, New Jersey-based auditor says demonstrates when a charter operation meets “the highest safety standard.”

FlyMex fields a fleet consisting of a Dornier 328, Embraer 135LR (Legacy 600), Hawker 800, Learjet 60 and 45XR, an Agusta 109 helicopter and a Cessna 208 Grand Caravan. The company has been operating charters for more than 10 years, including working for the UN’s World Food Program. “We are very proud of this achievement,” said FlyMex president Captain Alberto Abed.

The on-site audit lasted more than two days and Wyvern claims its standard is “arguably the most restrictive” in the industry today–for example, requiring that captains on a trip meet the standard of having a minimum of 4,000 hours total time as well as 75 flight hours in the last 90 days and 300 hours in the last year (with no sanctions from regulators in the last five years). There is also follow-up auditing whereby the operator provides information on its operations, aircraft and crew. Wyvern said its database “verifies this information daily, which ensures the validation of the audit throughout the term of the recommendation.”

Meanwhile, FlyMex will have access to Wyvern’s pilot and aircraft safety survey (Pass) report, which includes a real-time data feed of pilot information (including insurance, medical and flight time hours), allowing the company to check that information before each flight it charters.