Brazil's Government Hears Bizav’s Call for Action

 - August 15, 2013, 3:35 PM

The business aviation community in Brazil believes the government is finally paying attention to its calls for better access to proper infrastructure. Though that is good news, the sector is still under pressure from the threat of being squeezed by airline activity, warned Eduardo Marson, chairman of industry group ABAG, during a keynote address at yesterday’s opening session at LABACE.

Marcelo Guraranys, president of national civil aviation agency ANAC, was at the show opener and claimed that the authorities now have a more positive view of business aviation. “For us, business aviation is what propels aviation, and in the coming years we are focusing our efforts at a change in paradigm,” he told AIN.

Marson outlined the threat posed to business aviation by recent moves to usurp long-standing occupancy of key airport locations by business and general aviation users. He was quick to praise Brazilian civil aviation minister Moreira Franco, who overturned plans by airport agency Ifraero to open up occupancy of hangar and ramp space to new bidders.

Despite the promise of new dedicated business aviation airports in Brazil, Marson insisted that business aircraft users must continue to have access to the country’s main airports. “The central airports are part of the aviation system, and general aviation is part of the system, too, and needs access to these airports, just like it does in other countries,” he said.