MD Helicopters Sees Lift from Latin American Market

 - August 16, 2013, 2:03 PM

Latin America is the target of an effort by MD Helicopters to strengthen its dealer network, which consists of one independent representative per country, with the exception of Mexico, where there are two. The MD fleet in Latin America currently totals approximately 100 aircraft, 15 of them in Brazil.

“Our focus is to strengthen the dealer network and our goal is to be delivering 12 MD Explorers a year in Latin America by the end of 2015,” said MD director of sales and marketing Philip Marsteller. “And that’s a conservative goal,” he added.

This week at LABACE, the Explorer, despite bearing Red Bull livery, features an EMS interior, which allows room for a single litter, patient, doctor and paramedic. The interior can be converted to utility use in as little as 30 minutes.

Brazilian law enforcement is considering the MD530, said Marsteller, adding that he expects the type will become the helicopter of choice for not only law enforcement but also for power line inspection and emergency medicalservice.

In terms of demand, Marsteller said Explorer activity has been increasing of late, and a new glass cockpit, expected to become available in 2015, will become a major selling point.