RBR Maintenance Offers Aileron Rebalancing for Hawker 800 with API Winglets

 - August 21, 2013, 12:10 PM
RBR Maintenance is offering a flat-rate aileron rebalancing to restore API-wingletted Hawker 800s to their maximum altitude.

Last May, Aviation Partners issued Service Bulletin SBH-13-001 limiting winglet-equipped 800-series Hawkers to a maximum permissible altitude of 34,000 feet. The result of reported vibrations and aileron/wing oscillations, the SB prompted the FAA to issue an Airworthiness Directive calling for operators to comply with the service bulletin within 45 days. Subsequently API found that rebalancing the ailerons to a new tolerance forward of the hinge line offers a solution to the vibrations and wing oscillations and, once completed, this clears the way for operators to use the airplane’s 41,000-foot ceiling.

RBR Maintenance is offering a flat-rate price of $6,000 plus paint for the fix. The process takes about five business days to complete.

“It turns out if there was some anomaly, something as simple as too much sealant on the leading edge of the wing disturbing the airflow, it would cause the flutter. The fix is a balance weight issue and includes making it a little more nose heavy,” said Chris Lesniak, manager of outside part sales for the Dallas-based maintenance company.



Something is garbled in this story. Disturbance of the airflow should be easily fixed with fill and fair to restore the contour to nominal. More balance weight is indicative of a dynamic problem involving the mass/stiffness relationships, which is consistent with the word "Flutter" in the third paragraph. The "F" word was not mentioned in the first paragraph, being replaced by the more diplomatic "reported vibrations and wing/aileron oscillations". It must be a much more complicated story.

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