Asia-Pacific ADS-B OUT Mandates Begin in December

 - August 29, 2013, 2:50 PM

While the FAA mandate to install ADS-B OUT equipment for aircraft flying in U.S. airspace by Jan. 1, 2020 (above 10,000 feet or in Class B or C airspace) is more than six years away, aircraft operating in some countries’ airspace must be compliant starting in December.

According to Universal Weather & Aviation, beginning December 12 Australia is requiring ADS-B OUT for all aircraft at and above FL290 within 12 nm of Australia’s landmass. Hong Kong begins requiring ADS-B on the same date for airways L642 and M771 at and above FL290 and from Dec. 31, 2014, in all Hong Kong airspace at and above FL290. In Singapore and Vietnam certain airways at and above FL290 require ADS-B beginning December 12. Other Asian airspace subject to ADS-B requirements includes Indonesia (effective December 12 at or above FL290), according to Pat Dunn, NBAA IOC regional lead for Asia, who gave a presentation on this subject at the International Operators Conference in March.

Europe will require ADS-B by Jan. 8, 2015, for new aircraft weighing more than 12,500 pounds or with a max cruise speed of more than 250 ktas and for older aircraft by Dec. 7, 2017.