Aircell Offers In-flight Calling and Texting for Smartphones

 - September 4, 2013, 11:45 AM

Aircell will expand its Gogo Biz service to include voice capabilities beginning October 1. Gogo Biz was launched in 2009 as an Internet-only service in the business aviation market. Because Gogo Biz operates on Aircell’s air-to-ground technology, its voice calls are among the clearest in aviation, on par with mobile phone calls on the ground, the company claims.

As a “two-in-one” service, Gogo Biz offers Internet and voice capabilities from a single system, which can eliminate the need for separate systems, dramatically reducing equipment requirements and installation costs. Voice plans for Gogo Biz start at $134.95 per month for 60 voice minutes.

In flight, passengers and flight crew can use the new Gogo Biz voice capabilities on their own smartphones or with Aircell’s new cabin handsets. Gogo Text & Talk uses the customer’s own smartphone and number.

Aircell is also offering the Gogo OnePhone, a next-generation cabin handset that it says has superior voice quality, advanced noise reduction technology, a big, bright, touchscreen display, and an Android-based operating system. Shipments of the Gogo OnePhone will begin October 15.