Constant Aviation Completes EMB-145 Tail Replacement

 - September 4, 2013, 11:53 AM

In a fast-paced YouTube video accompanied by a hard-charging soundtrack, technicians on Constant Aviation’s damaged-aircraft repair team (Dart) completed the MRO’s first tail replacement on an Embraer EMB-145. The video captures not only the precision and care taken by the talented Constant Aviation techs, but, in speeded-up time-lapse style, the excitement of accomplishing such a challenging job and, at the end, watching the restored jet take to the skies.

“No two jobs are the same and each requires a different set of technicians. The project manager identifies what skills are needed to complete the job at hand and from there the 15-member team is selected,” said Stephen Maiden, the company’s president. “We can also pull from our pool of 300 technicians from our three locations, depending on the aircraft type, scope of the job, expertise and skills required.”

Cleveland-based Constant Aviation used the tail of an EMB-145 it had acquired for parts, shipped it to Newark, where the damaged aircraft was located, and completed the project in six weeks.

Formed in 2004, Dart consists of maintenance, structural, engineering and avionics technicians available to deploy anywhere within 24 hours. To date they have completed three Legacy 600 wing replacements, one EMB-145 tail replacement, four EMB-135 nose replacements, one Beechjet 400XP wing replacement and numerous structural jobs in the field.