Vector Aerospace Delivers Upgraded Eurocopter AS332Ls

 - September 4, 2013, 6:00 PM
Vector Aerospace chartered an Antonov An-124 to transport four upgraded Eurocopter AS332Ls to customers in Australia and Afghanistan.

Vector Aerospace, a Vancouver-based maintenance, repair and overhaul service, recently loaded four upgraded Eurocopter AS332L helicopters onto an Antonov An-124 at Vancouver International Airport. Two of the AS332Ls were bound for Australia for use in offshore oil rig servicing contracts and the other two were sent to Afghanistan for utility operations.

Vector Aerospace worked closely with Panalpina’s air freight division to charter the Antonov and coordinate the event.

The AS332L shipment was part of Vector Aerospace Financial Services’ Eurocopter AS332L aircraft leasing and by-the-hour support program. Under the terms of the program, Vector acquires and upgrades aircraft with new technology such as cockpit upgrades, NVG and CVR/FDR systems and weight-reduction programs. The lease program lets operators use an AS332L without the large capital investment associated with the outright purchase of a new aircraft and with the full support of a by-the-hour utilization program.