Avantair Trustee Aims To Halt Employee Suit

 - September 5, 2013, 11:14 AM

The trustee overseeing Avantair’s involuntary bankruptcy is seeking a halt to a class-action lawsuit brought against the company on behalf of former employees alleging Fair Labor Standards Act violations for failure to pay for work performed or provide proper termination notification.

Avantair has been using payments from an insurance policy it purchased for protection against claims to defend itself against the lawsuit, bankruptcy trustee Mary Beth Sharrer said in a filing to stop the action. Continuing the litigation could harm the administration of the estate by “exhausting the amount of coverage available” for Avantair’s creditors, among other adverse impacts, she said.

Parties to the former employees’ lawsuit have until the end of September to file a response. Lead attorney Ryan Barack of Kwall, Showers & Barack in Clearwater, Fla., which represents the ex-staffers, told AIN, “We intend to continue to prosecute our claims in an appropriate forum, seeking to recover the money due to the employees, who are the victims in this case.”


Those employees needed to be reminded that while YOU have the disposable income greater than the life savings of most americans, THEY are the expendable commodity.
While they were making simple decisions of paying the mortgage or putting food on the table for their children, YOUR travel needs suffered.
After all, theres unemployment, food stamps, and countless charity organizations that could help them out.

You stay classy, "trustee".

Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for the employees.
These guys rightfully own this money, and they NEED it.
I hope the judge sees though this greedy attempt to rub salt in the wound.

God bless corporate America!

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