Bizav Flying Activity Relatively Flat in August

 - September 12, 2013, 3:31 PM

Business aircraft flying was generally flat last month, decreasing year-over-year by just 1 percent, according to TraqPak data released on Tuesday by aviation services company Argus.

Continuing a trend from the beginning of the year, the Part 135 category was the only operating segment to experience a gain in flying activity, recording a 14.3-percent increase last month versus a year ago. This is also this segment’s 11th consecutive monthly increase. Part 91 activity decreased by 5.1 percent year-over-year, while fractional flying–wounded badly by the downfall of Avantair–retracted by 14.8 percent last month, Argus said.

By aircraft category, large-cabin jet flying led the pack with a 6.3-percent year-over-year gain last month, followed by light jet activity, which climbed by 5 percent. Midsize jet activity in August was relatively flat, falling 0.3 percent from a year ago, while the turboprop segment decreased by 7.8 percent.

In the fractional turboprop segment, the Avantair shutdown drove a 61.3-percent decrease in activity. On the positive side, there were several double-digit gains in the individual market segments, including a 21.6-percent rise in light-jet charter flying, a 19.2-percent climb in midsize-jet charter activity and a 10.5-percent increase in fractional large-cabin jet flying.

Argus TraqPak data provides “serial-number-specific aircraft arrival and departure information on all IFR flights in the U.S. and Canada.”