A2B Heli Maintenance Offers MX at London Oxford

 - September 18, 2013, 12:50 PM

A2B Heli Maintenance, an EASA Part 145 independent commercial helicopter maintenance company, has formally opened its doors at London Oxford Airport. A2B Heli chose London Oxford as an expanding business aviation airport with close links to co-owned Barclays London Heliport in Battersea (20 minutes’ flying time from Oxford) and other strong transport links.

Led by managing director Andy Bloxham, A2B Heli recently moved into a newly refurbished hangar and is specializing in helicopter support. During its first week in operation, the MRO supported three European-based helicopters by providing short-notice troubleshooting and scheduled maintenance.

A2B Heli, part of the A2B Aero Group, comprises a team of five dedicated OEM factory trained staff with experience on Eurocopter, Bell, Agusta and Sikorsky models. A2B Heli is offering MRO support on the Eurocopter EC120, EC130, EC135, EC155, AS350, AS355, AS365, EC145; MBB BK117, Bo-105; AgustaWestland A109; Sikorsky S-76; and MD900. “More Agusta and MD helicopters are scheduled to follow within the next 12 months,” Bloxham said.

The MRO is also Part 147 approved to deliver engineer type training on Eurocopters and Bells. In addition, the company provides consultancy services for quality management, EASA Form 4 business support, procedure optimization, aircraft surveys and organization health checks.