Beechcraft: Deal Near To Sell Hawker 4000, Premier Jets

 - September 19, 2013, 2:00 PM

Beechcraft is nearing the sale of its Hawker 4000 and Premier I/IA assets, a step agreed to earlier this year as part of the Wichita OEM’s emergence from bankruptcy. The sale includes items such as type certificates, parts and tooling, as well as the composite manufacturing facility in Wichita known as Plant III. A Beechcraft spokeswoman said potential buyers are currently performing due diligence, and CEO Bill Boisture told AIN that he is “confident” a deal will happen by year-end.

Meanwhile, the company is retaining all items for the Hawker 125 and 400XP (née Beechcraft 400A) and their associated aftermarket business. The company also continues to support both of these fleets, as well as the Beechcraft turboprop and piston lines, through its Global Customer Support organization.

Addressing continued inquiries as to whether Beechcraft might relaunch production of upgraded Hawker 125s or 400XPs, Boisture said, “I think it’s a very low probability.”