NBAA, EBAA Hopeful on ICAO Aircraft Emissions Deal

 - September 24, 2013, 3:25 PM

NBAA and its European counterpart, EBAA, have welcomed signs that a proposal under consideration at ICAO might lead to a global compromise solution to addressing aircraft carbon emissions. The measure is expected to be ratified this week at the 38th ICAO Assembly, which opened today in Montreal.

According to both associations, ICAO is expected to propose a firm schedule for enactment by 2020 of a “global, market-based trading system for carbon-emission credits.” In exchange, ICAO is expected to propose that the EU apply its own emission-trading requirements–known as EU-ETS–only to emissions of flights within its airspace. Originally, EU-ETS would have applied on emissions for the full length of flights to and from EU airports, a move that several nations rejected.

“This compromise represents clear progress toward a global solution for addressing aviation emissions,” said NBAA COO Steve Brown. “ICAO has continually shown its dedication to establishing a global approach to aviation-based carbon emissions, and this proposal reaffirms that commitment. At the same time, the proposal to stop implementation outside the airspace of EU nations addresses the concerns about the ETS that have been raised in regard to national sovereignty.”