Aviation Groups Back ICAO Aircraft Emissions Framework

 - October 8, 2013, 3:05 PM

NBAA, GAMA and other aviation alphabet groups are backing the general principles of an aircraft-emissions policy accepted by 185 ICAO member states on Friday at a triennial meeting in Montreal. These principles are now being handed over to ICAO working groups, whose work product will be proposed for adoption in 2016 at the next triennial meeting. If adopted, the resulting document would be implemented in 2020.

The principles call on governments to accelerate technology development, infrastructure modernization and more efficient operational procedures to reduce aircraft emissions. While the principles allow consideration of market-based mechanisms to provide incentives for emissions reduction, they discourage unilateral application of regional emissions-reduction programs such as the EU emissions trading scheme (EU-ETS).

Further, the principles call for “administrative simplicity” in any emissions policies, as well as potential exemptions for small operators. They also seek equitable treatment for all aviation industry segments, meaning business aviation can’t be singled out as it was under EU-ETS.

“The approach to international emissions-policy development approved last week breaks decidedly from EU-ETS,” NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen said. “Although far from perfect and certainly not everything we have worked for, it promotes an international dialogue that is focused on simple, more workable measures for addressing aircraft emissions–measures that can be built around various types and sizes of operators.”