Greenpoint Aerospace Acquires Jet Works Air Center

 - October 9, 2013, 10:10 AM

Greenpoint Aerospace has acquired Jet Works Air Center, a business aircraft completion, refurbishment and MRO facility at Denton (Texas) Municipal Airport. Greenpoint plans to perform interior refurbishment and executive completion work, exterior paint, avionics repair and installation and MRO work at the new location. .

The site is close to Odyssey Aerospace Components, another Greenpoint Technologies property that specializes in the design engineering and manufacturing of cabinetry for business jets. Greenpoint Aerospace is a division of Greenpoint Technologies of Kirkland, Wash., where major cabin refurbishment and completion services are offered with a focus on the Boeing Business Jet line.

This past summer, Greenpoint acquired an equity position in the new ownership of Aviation Technical Services, one of the West Coast’s largest providers of MRO work. In June last year, Greenpoint signed a memorandum of understanding with Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Company of Beijing (Ameco Beijing) to provide support for business jet cabin completion work in China and the greater Asia-Pacific region.