U.S. Government Shutdown Ends, FAA Restart To Take Time

 - October 17, 2013, 3:40 PM

The U.S. Congress passed legislation to end the 16-day government shutdown late last night, but getting agencies such as the FAA fully back up to speed is likely to take several days or possibly even weeks. “While the agreement reached does reopen the government, it may be some time before services at the FAA and other agencies are fully restored to pre-shutdown effectiveness,” NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen said.

Still, NBAA and other aviation alphabet groups were relieved the episode has finally come to an end and that FAA services halted during the shutdown, especially those for aircraft registrations and title searches, will resume soon. According to GAMA, some 150 new aircraft sales transactions worth $1.9 billion have been stalled since the FAA’s aircraft registry office in Oklahoma City was closed under the shutdown.

NATA has also pledged to help the FAA get the aircraft registry back up to speed. “NATA will continue to work with our members, industry colleagues and the FAA to help the agency prioritize its aircraft registry backlog so we can reduce the impact on aviation businesses as much and as soon as possible,” said NATA president and CEO Thomas Hendricks. “By working together we can and will get the general aviation industry moving again.”