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Airbus Corporate Jet Center Delivers 24th ACJC Interior

 - October 21, 2013, 3:00 AM
The latest ACJ319 cabin by ACJC features a forward dining and executive lounge, above, as well as 10 private mini-suites.

Airbus Corporate Jet Center (ACJC, Booth No. C11606), a specialist in Airbus Corporate Jet executive cabin completion, has delivered its 24th cabin featuring the development and integration more than 15 new technologies to meet the unidentified customer’s stringent requirements in terms of layout design, comfort and systems.

The cabin layout is based on two main zones with accommodations for up to 19 passengers. A large forward dining and executive lounge allows for as many as 12 passengers and combines a work area of one four-club and a single two-club work area, as well as a rest area with two large sofas surrounding four mechanically articulated cocktail tables. From there, the configuration departs dramatically from what is typical in an ACJ layout.

The second zone aft provides 10 private mini-suites. Each is equipped with a large, electrically articulated seat that extends fully flat for berthing, a 32-inch monitor and a local remote to control all aspects of the suite, from in-flight entertainment to lighting and heat. The suites also include an electrically actuated bar and substantial storage areas.

A unique satellite antenna permits not only global in-flight television, but also access to the GSM global system for mobile voice communication and Ku-band high-speed Internet connectivity.

As to the cabin environment, there are electrically operated window shades and a starlight array highlights the upholstered ceilings and carpets. New mood lighting uses the brighter and more vivid RGBW technology, emphasizing on-demand lighting scenarios, including a night ambiance feature.

Also part of the interior design is a large and elegant aft lavatory, equipped with a full-height shower and a timer system to ensure the same quantity of hot water to every passenger.

Adding to the unique décor are decorative materials used for the panels and partitions of the VIP zones, including wood veneer with metal inlay and metal-deposited 3-D modeling.

“This latest cabin has reached a new step in terms of cabin innovation with new technologies and decorative materials never seen aboard an Airbus Corporate Jet,” said ACJC CEO Benoit Defforge.


Not only does the "unidentified customer's" cabin show unambiguous design and styling features of the Emirates First Class Suites, it's also the exact same picture used on the aircraft's homepage:

(scroll down a little)

Just sayin'

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