Embraer’s New Lineage 1000E Goes the Distance

 - October 21, 2013, 6:00 PM

Embraer Executive Jets unveiled a new version of its flagship business jet–the Lineage 1000–today at the NBAA convention. The 1000 E-model comes with extended range, an enhanced interior with the latest-generation cabin entertainment system and new cockpit options.

Embraer has increased the range of the bizliner from 4,400 nm to 4,600 nm with eight passengers by lowering its empty weight. It has also extracted more than 500 pounds by redesigning the forward fuselage and removing an unused door; removing 12 to 13 unused “mirage” windows previously hidden behind cabinetry, depending on the interior modules; and optimizing fuselage supports. The range extension makes available routes that were previously considered marginal, such as from São Paulo to New York, which can be unattainable in certain wind conditions.

Assisted by a new supplier–List Components & Furniture of Thomasberg, Austria, Embraer has finessed the big jet’s interior design “to the smallest details,” adding new seats and functionalities and incorporated the Honeywell Ovation Select digital cabin management system. As options in the cockpit, the Lineage 1000E can be equipped for autoland and a combined head-up display and enhanced-vision system.

There are currently 14 Lineage 1000s in service worldwide. The earlier version of the Lineage retails for some $53 million; Embraer would not disclose the price point for the E-model.