NBAA Convention News

Cessna Touts Certifications, Upgrades and Aftermarket Tweaks for Citation Line

 - October 22, 2013, 3:55 PM

Between deliveries, aftermarket upgrades, maintenance expansions and prototypes, Cessna Aircraft Company (Booth No. C8843) has a lot to talk about concerning its current and upcoming Citation products during NBAA 13.

“We have nearly finished with the Citation Latitude wing,” said Terry Shriner, business leader for the Latitude at Cessna. “The Garmin G5000 avionics will be a big step ahead on this aircraft, but customers are going to really appreciate the aircraft’s high-powered cooling system, stand-up flat floor cabin and electronically-operated door.” Engineers at Cessna are squeezing more from the aircraft, too. At the show Michael Thacker, senior vice president engineering, said that the aircraft’s target range has already increased 500 nm and cabin entertainment options have been upgraded as well. Cessna expects the Latitude prototype to fly in the first quarter of 2014.

The company announced that new Citation models coming off the production line are now being fitted with the Cessna Diagnostic Maintenance System (CDMS), which integrates event-driven and full-time data recording with display to the pilot on the MFD. Citation service centers will offer the Aircraft Recording System II (AReS II), which can record thousands of flight parameters each second and download them wirelessly to Cessna’s internal network for analysis by service technicians, eliminating the need for time-consuming troubleshooting. “This system saves customers time and money and allows technicians to get right to the source of the issue, so we can get the Citation back to the owner quickly,” said Joe Hepburn, senior vice president of customer service for Cessna.

The Citation M2 is nearing its certification, with customer deliveries pending. The six-passenger M2 will be certified for single-pilot operation and its Garmin G3000 avionics include two touch-screen control panels.

On the aftermarket front, Cessna is offering an upgrade program for legacy Citation X aircraft that includes a new paint scheme, new interior, new cabin management system and enhanced connectivity, as well as Honeywell Primus Elite avionics in the cockpit to help make the aircraft compliant with NextGen requirements, including ADS-B out.

Through a supplemental type certificate Citation service centers will also be offering winglets for legacy Sovereigns in 2014 to enhance the aircraft’s range, useful load, fuel economy and hot/high performance in specific flight regimes. The prototype winglet-equipped legacy Sovereign flew last week, according to company sources.

Finally, on the maintenance front, Cessna is expanding its mobile service capabilities.

A new service vehicle was stationed in Chicago, Ill. October 1, and an additional full-time mechanic was added to its Houston, Texas roster. “We know on-site maintenance is far more convenient for the customer. With 6,500 Cessna Citations in the world, we set the bar high and deliver,” said Hepburn. Beyond its mobile options for maintenance, of which there are now 22, there are 39 authorized Cessna service facilities, and Cessna owns and operates a worldwide network of 15 Citation service centers.