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New MedAire iPad App Offers Travel and Medical Information

 - October 22, 2013, 2:50 AM

MedAire now offers an iPad app, MedAire Trip Ready, which provides up-to-date information about medical and travel risks. The Phoenix-based company, which is part of the International SOS organization, is demonstrating the app at its booth (No. N3513) here during NBAA 2013.

The app is free for anyone to download, but requires an iPad that runs on iOS 6.0 or higher. Users with MedAire memberships have access to additional information. The content displayed by the app is based on a user’s membership level, which the app determines by checking the username. Non-MedAire members receive access to the dashboard, medical and travel risk ratings, weather, local time and Notams by destination.They also receive access to conversion calculators (currency, weights/ measures and more) and lodging and dining options.

MedAire members receive the above, plus medical, security and travel information relating to each destination, a calendar of holidays and events that may affect a trip, and proactive alerts to events that may affect their itinerary or personal well-being at the selected destinations. Based on MedAire membership level, users may access Aviation Travel Security Briefs.

The individual app pages provide the following functions and information:

•The app’s dashboard allows one to save up to 15 destinations, for which it provides ratings of medical and travel risks, local time, current weather and Notams.

•Each destination has its own folder, which has two views, ICAO and country. In addition to the information on the dashboard, the ICAO view has a search function for lodging and dining, access to conversion calculators and a notes feature. The country view has access to medical, security and travel guides, alert notifications, a calendar of events for the country, entry and exit requirements and other information.

•A briefs page provides access to MedAire’s Aviation Travel Security Briefs for destinations in the dashboard, while the alerts page shows medical and travel alerts for the countries of the destination cities in the dashboard. A separate world calendar gives all holidays and scheduled events associated with the same destinations.

•A page with medical information serves as a quick reference checklist to aid users who need to respond to a medical event in flight. The checklist is meant as a supplement to MedAire’s Management of In-flight Illness and Injury course and the advice of a MedLink doctor, not as a replacement for these.

•Finally, the app has a page that describes the contents of MedAire’s standard medical kit and what is in each pouch in the kit. Another page gives contact information for the company’s global offices, MedLink and Global Response Center.