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Piper Selects Hartzell for Seminole’s 24-volt Systems

 - October 22, 2013, 9:15 AM
Piper Seminole trainers are now equipped with 24-volt/100-amp Hartzell ES-series alternators, which also feature built-in noise filtering.

Piper has selected Hartzell Engine Technologies to provide its I-series cabin heater and ES-series 24-volt/100-amp alternators as standard fit on new Garmin G1000-equipped Seminole piston-twin trainers.

“To support the electrical needs of the latest Piper Seminole’s advanced avionics and systems, Piper Aircraft chose to upgrade it to 24-volt capability,” said Hartzell Engine Technologies president Mike Disbrow.

G1000-equipped Seminoles bring enhanced levels of pilot situational awareness and simplicity to the Seminole cockpit,” addedPiper vice president of engineering Jack Mill.“By selecting Hartzell Engine Technologies components as standard equipment, we keep flight-school aviators comfortable and ensure the glass panel has all the electrical power required for traditional proven Seminole performance.”

Disbrow is confident that the alternator’s built-in noise-filtering technology will be especially beneficial to flight schools that operate the all-glass Seminoles: “With all the electronics in the Seminole, that seemingly small feature will make a huge impact on the comfort level for the students and instructors,” he said. “By helping to keep static out of their headsets, the filtering will be especially appreciated on long cross-county flights.”

The FAA-TSOed I-series cabin heater has an Inconelcombustion chamber that delivers better durability in extreme heat than ceramic-coated stainless steel, says Hartzell.

“While the Piper Seminole is the first general aviation OEM application for the new I-series heater, we have been using the Inconel technology for many years in our S-series cabin heaters, used on large military aircraft such as the Boeing Chinook,” Disbrow said. “While cabin comfort in colder climates is critical, another benefit to flight training operations is that the I-Series units feature a replaceable spark plug that has a built-in ground electrode to improve serviceability and reduce maintenance costs.”

Hartzell says that, in addition to the built-in noise filtering, the new ES-series belt-driven alternators deliver 42 percent more electrical power at engine cruise settings and through-flow cooling.

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