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Skandia Speeds Up Seat Refurbs, Increases Comfort Levels

 - October 22, 2013, 9:35 PM
Skandia can now refurbish 16-g seats, complete with engineering and TSO tags, in 21 days.

Rockford, Ill.-based Skandia (Booth No. N4925) may be known for its testing labs, signature Dax fire-resistant foam and engineering prowess, but these days it is taking on complete seat and interior sound-proof paneling projects, from engineering to recertification, according to vice president Jared Triplett.

Triplett announced at NBAA 2013 that in the past four months the company has begun partnering with a provider with designated engineering representative-approval for the complete refurbishment of 16-g seats within 21 days, including oil burn testing and TSO-tagging. “Historically the process of refurbishing a 16-g seat has taken five to eight weeks, so cutting that time by as much as half is a real value to our customers,” he said.

The company also introduced a viscoelastic version of its Dax foam seat material, known as Dax VXS. This new foam product exhibits all of the physical and flammability properties of the traditional Dax foam, with a softer, body-conforming layer on top.

“Today’s business jets are traveling further than ever before, so the comfort of the aircraft’s seats is more important,” said Triplett. “The highly-resilient, viscoelastic structure found in this new Dax VXS foam is a truly revolutionary product. Passengers will get up from a long flight feeling less fatigued and more rested.”

Triplett said that the company currently serves 3,200 customers, with aircraft ranging from light aircraft to regional jets, Boeings and Airbuses. One of its largest projects to date is underway in a VVIP Airbus A330 with Associated Air Center of Dallas (Booth No. N6116).

“Associated is not just submitting samples for testing–we’ve become their certification department on this project,” said Triplett. Skandia is one of just two flammability labs in the U.S. that have obtained Airbus flammability certification, which greatly reduces the time it takes ACJ completion centers in North America to get their flammability testing approvals completed. The company is also a Boeing-approved flammability testing lab.