NBAA Convention News

Colt International Unveils Online Flight Planning Tool

 - October 23, 2013, 3:00 PM
Wes Sharpe, Project Manager, Colt International

Colt International (Booth No. C8526), provider of trip support and aviation fuel services, unveiled its new online flight-planning (OFP) product Monday at the NBAA convention.

The OFP is a data- and graphics-rich tool that draws from Google Maps and Google Earth to provide flight details such as route, altitude and weather in 3-D. Graphical information is presented alongside key data, including regulatory requirements, fuel quotes and airport information.

West Sharpe, Colt International product manager, said the company’s aim is to empower pilots to use the system based on their needs. “There’s a lot of choices [in flight planning services]; it’s a mature market,” he said. “One of the things we wanted to focus on is the key differentiators.”

One of those differentiators for OFP, Sharpe said, is an itinerary planner that factors in aircraft performance, airway structure and winds data “as you go” and generates a route. The planner considers operator-preferred “limiting factors” such as desired runway length, the availability of fuel, and whether an airport is equipped with an ILS. It generates an optimized route line that displays airports meeting the operator’s criteria, as well as airport data, Notams and weather enroute. The information can be flowed into a flight-plan filing form.

Access to OFP is available through a subscription on Colt International’s website.