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Comlux Delivers Overhauled ACJ319 to Malaysian Operator

 - October 23, 2013, 7:10 PM

Comlux Aviation Services has delivered an Airbus ACJ319 back to Malaysian operator Jet Premier One after completing heavy maintenance (including C4 and six-year checks) and a reworking of its VIP cabin. The aircraft, which is operated on behalf of the Malaysian government for head of state transportation, has also been repainted externally and now features the national emblem.

The cabin refurbishment work involved Comlux having to get a new supplemental type certificate to establish that the equipment installed complied fully with an EASA airworthiness directives covering burn issues. The whole project was completed on schedule and to agreed quality standards.

“The aircraft is really impeccable,” said Capt. Norudin Abd. Majid. “I am particularly pleased with the upholstery and the finish on the wood work accomplished by Comlux craftsmen in the VIP cabin. Despite challenges faced due to the complexity of the cabin rework, the overall project went extremely smoothly and the aircraft was delivered on time, reflecting Comlux’s spirit and commitment.”

Meanwhile, Indianapolis, Ind.-based Comlux Aviation Services has appointed Boyd Hunsaker as its new director of sales. The company is part of the Malta-based business aviation services group Comlux.