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Iacobucci to Receive Certification for VIP Double Seat

 - October 23, 2013, 2:50 PM
VIP Jet Series Double Seat

Ferentino, Italy-based Iacobucci HF is displaying its cabin interior components here this week. The company (Booth No. N4916) has brought its line of customizable cabin seats, including its newest entrée: the VIP Jet Series Double Seat, which is expected to receive EASA and FAA certification by the end of the month.

The fully convertible seats, which are also rotatable for fore and aft facing, have already been selected by Comlux America (in an all-electronic version) for installation on Hyundai’s corporate BBJ by the end of the year. The seats, which also include droppable armrests, feature a modular structure that can be tailored to specific customer needs. The seat passed the 16-g sled test on the first try, according to Riccardo Palmeri Lolli, the company’s director of marketing and communication. “We had a deformation, which was far below the average,” he said. “This showed that the seat is very well balanced and the structure is very well organized.”