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New Interior for Embraer Legacy 450 Unveiled

 - October 23, 2013, 3:45 PM
Embraer unveiling the new Legacy 450 interior at NBAA

If you thought you’d already seen the cabin interior of the Embraer Legacy 450, think again. A new interior has been unveiled.

What you will see at Embraer’s booth (No. N2532) here at NBAA 2013 is what Jay Beever, vice-president of marketing and interior design, described as the result of “the relentless pursuit of ergonomics, craftsmanship, economics and detail, and decisions had been made to learn from all the previous mockups, to learn from all that money that was spent on production parts to see if they would work in the flying aircraft. So what we have today is the culmination of many years hard work, not just a design exercise, but a DNA set in the stone of package, innovation and craftsmanship.”

The result is stunning and well worth a look.