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Fractionals Are Picking Citation Jets Again and Again

 - October 24, 2013, 2:10 PM

Fractional jet share and charter companies from NetJets to JetSuite to Executive AirShare are choosing to stack their fleets with Cessna Citation jets, large and small, according to Brad Thress, senior vice-president of business jets for Cessna Aircraft Company (Booth No. C8843).

NetJets, the largest Citation Jet operator in the world with 50 Citation Xs in its fleet, is perhaps one of the clearest examples, Thress pointed out. NetJets has 25 Cessna Citation Latitudes on order and options for 125 more, all of which will begin deliveries in 2016.

Kansas City, Mo.-based Executive AirShare, a fractional jet ownership company, has introduced the CJ2+ into its fleet and seen a 20-percent jump in share sales this past year. “The Citation CJ2+ fits perfectly within our offerings and meets our customers’ needs for range, seating and speed,” said Bob Taylor, founder and CEO of Executive AirShare.

Finally, JetSuite, based in Irvine, Calif., is operating six special edition CJ3s and it has exercised an option for 10 more CJ3s, with the first to be delivered on November 22, followed by an additional jet every 90 days. “The CJ3 demonstrates performance without sacrificing on cabin comforts. It allows us to operate with a high level of confidence and efficiency,” said Alex Wilcox, JetSuite CEO.