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Mente Group Offers Aircraft Acquisition and Completion Services

 - October 24, 2013, 1:50 PM

The Mente Group of Addison, Texas is offering a new aircraft acquisition and completion service called Mente Complete. Under the program, VIP aircraft purchasers will receive integrated assistance in the purchase, design, completion and delivery of used aircraft.

Mente partner Brian Proctor said the program is primarily aimed at customers seeking to purchase and refurbish used Boeing BBJ and Airbus ACJ VIP single-aisle aircraft. As part of the service, Mente will locate the aircraft, conduct the pre-buy inspection, handle particulars of the acquisition, locate the completion center or MRO for refurbishment and negotiate a contract, vet the refurbishment design and provide on-site supervision at the completion center or maintenance facility. In addition to Proctor, the former president of Leading Edge Aviation, the Mente Complete team includes; Jeff Bosque, former president of Associated Air Center; VIP aircraft interior designer Cheryl Strack; and Don Hammer, the former director of maintenance for Dresser Industries.

Together, Mente Group principals have bought and sold over $5 billion worth of private jets, overseen more than $1 billion in aircraft completion projects, delivered 500 aircraft, and overseen more than 100 aircraft interior design projects and 200 completion management projects. The company was formed four years ago, primarily as a VIP aircraft brokerage.

Proctor said the idea for Mente Complete evolved when the company noted the absence of a “one-stop shop” for those who wanted to buy and refurbish single-aisle VIP aircraft.