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Royal Jet Commences Tender Process for Fleet Renewal

 - November 19, 2013, 4:13 AM

Royal Jet, the Abu Dhabi-based jet charter company, announced yesterday a decision to completely renew its fleet by 2020. The company has been exploring options with various OEMs for the past 12 months, but is expected to remain a key Boeing Business Jet customer.

“Royal Jet has commenced its fleet renewal tender process, which will allow us to provide our VIP customers with a totally new offering and further expand our network ,” said Royal Jet CEO, Shane O’Hare. “The total value for fleet replacement could reach $700 million at current list prices. We are starting to look at the longer-term and have begun conversations with manufacturers to confirm orders for first deliveries starting in 2016.”

The world’s largest BBJ operator, Royal Jet is expected to turn once again to the U.S.-based OEM for the bulk of its orders, set to include seven large aircraft, two super- to mid-size aircraft and two corporate-sized jets. The charter provider expects by yearend to operate 2,500 flights to more than 320 airports in 135 countries.