Jet Aviation Basel Refurbishes Maintenance Facility

 - December 4, 2013, 2:20 PM
Jet Aviation recently expanded its engine, wheel and non-destructive testing shops.

To improve operational efficiency and production capabilities, Jet Aviation Basel has expanded, restructured and refurbished its engine, wheel and non-destructive-testing (NDT) shops. All three shops are now twice their original size, reorganized and outfitted with new materials and equipment.

The expansion and refurbishment includes new storage rooms, a meeting room, office space and a library. The company also installed an in-house water purification system to recycle water from wheel and NDT activities.

“Along with the restructuring of the shops, we developed and introduced new work processes,” said Arjen Boone, senior director of MRO supply chain management and support operations at Jet Aviation Basel. “The shops are now better coordinated to help improve efficiency, meet our strategic business objectives and ultimately enhance customer focus and service quality.”

The facility’s engine shop, which currently supports Honeywell TFE731, CFE738, HTF7000 and Honeywell APU GTCP engines, is slated for further capability expansion in the near future.