Serco and Cardiff Aviation Team for Painting and Finishing

 - December 4, 2013, 2:05 PM

Cardiff Aviation has partnered with Serco to provide painting and surface finishing services to commercial and government organizations in the aerospace, engineering and automotive sectors from its facilities at St. Athan Aerospace Business Park, South Wales. The new partnership combines Cardiff Aviation’s industry expertise with Serco’s experience in the highly specialized military aerospace re-finishing sector.

Operating out of Cardiff Aviation’s on-site facility at St. Athan, a team spray finishes aircraft, airframe components, ground support equipment (GSE) and aircraft interiors. Cardiff Aviation and Serco are further exploring opportunities to deploy their collective experience and technical expertise to the wider aviation sector and further invest in St. Athan, which is within one of the Welsh Government’s seven Enterprise Zones.

Cardiff Aviation operates from a 220,000-sq-ft maintenance facility on the airport alongside a 6,000-foot ILS runway with parking for up to 30 single-aisle aircraft.