North American Charter Outlook Stronger Than in Europe

 - December 5, 2013, 3:35 PM

Prospects for private aircraft charter in the month leading up to the Christmas and New Year holidays appear markedly stronger in North America than in Europe, according to the latest data from online charter portal Avinode.

The Sweden-based group’s forward-looking demand index for the 30 days following December 3 shows projected demand in Europe for light jets, midsize jets and heavy jets down between 62 and 101 points over this period. By contrast, anticipated demand in the U.S. and Canada is expected to rise by between 37 and 95 points, with the strongest increase expected among light jets. The Dec. 3, 2013, demand index was up in all aircraft categories and on both continents compared with where it stood 12 months earlier on Dec. 3, 2012.

However, despite these variations, Avinode’s price index for this month on both sides of the Atlantic and for all aircraft categories is for the most part unchanged for all sizes of aircraft over the past 12 months. Projected pricing for light and midsized jets in North America is approximately 5 or 6 points higher compared with where it stood this time last year.