Bombardier Bizjet Sales End 2013 On a High Note

 - January 7, 2014, 3:20 PM

Bombardier Aerospace scored a flurry of orders for 58 Challenger and Global business jets worth nearly $3 billion late last month, allowing the Montreal-based aircraft manufacturer to end the year on a high note. Including these 11th-hour orders, the company sold some 310 business jets last year.

On December 24, Bombardier received a firm order for 10 Challengers, split evenly between the Model 300 and 605, from an undisclosed customer. At list prices, the transaction is valued at approximately $280 million. Just six days later, another undisclosed customer placed a firm order for 10 Challenger 350s worth $259 million.

And finally, on December 31, Bombardier received a firm order–also from an undisclosed customer–for 38 jets worth approximately $2.2 billion. This order included 28 Globals and 10 Challenger 605s.

In other news, the company’s in-development Learjet 85 missed its goal of flying by the end of last year. According to a Bombardier spokeswoman, the aircraft will fly “in the coming weeks” after the company applies for the flight-test permit from the FAA “shortly.” So far, Bombardier has conducted low-speed taxi, APU and engine run testing on the Learjet 85.