Air Charter Demand Set To Rise Throughout January

 - January 9, 2014, 2:30 PM

Demand for private charter flights is expected to pick up significantly this month, according to the latest forward-looking data from online charter portal Avinode. The Sweden-based group’s latest indices for the 30 days from January 7 show increases in projected demand for light, midsize and large-cabin business jets on both sides of the Atlantic, compared with the equivalent projections made on December 7.

The largest increases are for midsize and large-cabin jets based in Europe, which were up by 249 and 309 index points, at 394.7 and 386.6, respectively. Anticipated demand levels were also above where they had stood 12 months ago, with the exception of European midsize jets, which dipped slightly. The recovery over equivalent 2013 demand levels was greater in the North American market.

Avinode’s pricing index as of January 7 showed average flight hour rates to be essentially unchanged in all jet categories and across both geographic markets compared with December 7. However, in North America there were increases of between two and six index points for all aircraft types compared with rates tracked on January 7 last year.