Greenpoint Signs Second Private Boeing 787 Completion Contract

 - January 15, 2014, 12:05 PM

Greenpoint Technologies has signed a second completion customer for a private Boeing 787. The customer’s name is confidential. Greenpoint signed its first 787 completion contract in December last year, and these contracts follow years of preparation for 787 completion programs.

According to Greenpoint, the 787’s composite fuselage entails new ways of structural attachment of interior furnishings. The new seat tracks required “developing an entirely new approach for seat and bulkhead installations.”

The 787’s electrical architecture is also different. “Greenpoint’s engineers are working in close collaboration with Boeing as these systems are uniquely modified during completions.”

To prepare for 787 completions, Greenpoint’s 200 engineers embarked on a “major corporate initiative.” Weekly engineering and interior design meetings were held “to define the technical integration of each discipline and work through details such as ceiling design, sidewall attachments, window integration, IFE integration, plumbing systems, electrical load analysis, rapid decompression and structural substantiation.”

According to chief customer engineer Mike Weisner, “We’ve spent [more than] five years learning about the airplane [and] visiting the factory; an advantage to our being next door to Boeing is the access we have, and we’ve put that to a positive advantage. We are ready for 787s.”