Daher-Socata Delivers 40 TBM 850s in 2013, Its Fourth-best Year

 - January 21, 2014, 2:35 PM

Daher-Socata deliveries rose by 5 percent last year, with 40 TBM 850s handed over to customers, the French aircraft manufacturer announced today. This represents a 20-percent share of the turboprop market, up from 18 percent in 2012, and marks the fourth-best year for the company’s TBM since it entered service in 1990. The 2013 deliveries bring the total number of TBM-series aircraft received by customers to 662, of which 338 are current-production TBM 850s.


Those market share numbers seem horribly misleading.  20% of the turboprop market?  Through Q3 of 2013 (according to GAMA delivery numbers), they delivered 28 turboprop airplanes of 428 delivered or 7%.  If it narrows down to single-engine, it only goes up to 8%.  Seems they might be excluding lots of other airplanes in the turboprop category and then making a blanket statement to make it look better.  Maybe some clarification is needed to define that market share.

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