Air Charter Demand Looks To Be Lackluster This Month

 - February 4, 2014, 3:24 PM

Projected demand for private charter flights over the next 30 days is down significantly from where it stood at the start of January, according to the latest data from online charter portal Avinode. The company’s demand index for February 2 shows lower air charter demand levels on both sides of the Atlantic for the light, midsize and large-cabin jet categories surveyed each month by Avinode for AIN.

The steepest anticipated decline in demand is for light jets in the North American market, for which the index fell from 609.8 on January 3 to 243.4 on February 3. The heavy jet category showed the shallowest decrease in North America over the same period, while in Europe this class of aircraft saw the biggest drop and light jets accounted for the smallest decline.

The big falls in anticipated demand are likely explained in large part by the end of the busy New Year holiday period, although skiing vacation charters were expected to hold up demand better than what seems to be the case. Of greater concern is the fact that the demand index was also markedly down for all aircraft in both markets versus where it stood 12 months ago. By contrast, Avinode’s pricing index for the same year-over-year period showed stability across the board, with only a few points of variation.