Website Offers Links to U.S. Aviation Education Programs

 - February 19, 2014, 2:05 PM

Facing “the perfect storm” of workforce issues, the aerospace industry has long needed tools to help attract future leaders and then assist them in finding the collegiate program and degree track needed to enter the industry, Tara Harl, president of Aviation Workforce Development (AWD), told AIN.

AWD’s The College Link seeks to help them do just that. The organization has a database containing more than 460 programs and colleges across the U.S. that offer aviation/aerospace undergraduate and graduate degrees. Users simply type in the sought-after state and aviation/aerospace career focus and the database provides a listing of colleges/universities offering the program and their websites.

“While there are printed hard-copy guides that showcase some aviation/aerospace colleges/programs, the listings are narrowly focused, outdated and not offered online, where the Millennials hang out,” Harl said. “College Link fills a niche that has long been needed and even more so today with the critical workforce issues now looming. AWD hopes to spread the word about this new resource, especially to high schools and even K-6, hoping to catch students before another industry does.”