Helicopter Accessory Service Offers Beefed-up Servo Actuator Extensions for Bell 206s

 - March 4, 2014, 3:00 PM

Sun Valley, Calif.-based Helicopter Accessory Service will soon begin shipping strengthened TactAir servo actuator extension assemblies to handle increased hydraulic pressure on Bell LongRanger rotor heads, the company announced last week at Heli-Expo. Company president Jim Bagge told AIN the company opted for strengthened assemblies after technicians reported seeing bent extension arms during inspections, attributed to increased pressure loading “from 600 psi on Bell 206L/1/3 models to 1,000 psi on the 206L4.” The upgraded extensions should last “indefinitely” with regular upkeep, Bagge noted. Deliveries are slated to begin late this year.