Argus SMS Audit Uncovers Several Issues

 - March 6, 2014, 3:45 PM

Business aviation operators are lacking in safety management system (SMS) internal evaluation programs and safety training, according to the 2013 SMS Audit Result report released yesterday by aviation services company Argus. The report highlights recurring deficiencies found in SMS implementation and execution, it said.

“A view into the industry-wide aperture helps aviation operators focus their efforts on common deficiency areas cited by auditors,” Argus noted. “Operators can then use this information to improve their own SMS implementation and execution efforts.”

Each year, Argus Pros audits a “significant number” of Part 91 and 135 flight operations, to include the organization’s safety management system. The SMS annual report is a summary of those audit results compared to the Argus Platinum standard and IS-BAO.

The audit findings for last year point to deficiencies in internal evaluation programs and safety training. Argus said internal evaluation programs are especially important because they uncover latent process or program weakness within operations and maintenance focus areas before they become causal factors in an accident or incident. Regarding safety training, it found a lack of continuing education and SMS training for safety managers.